Divine Valentine, the Aftermath

Who dunnit?

A friend posted a picture on Facebook of Cupid face down on the floor with one of his own arrows in his back. Who did this? We all did!

What is THE most important relationship in the (physical) family? It is NOT the parent-child relationship, nor is it the work-home relationship… It is the husband-wife relationship! Watch out, I’m about to go on a bit of a rant here.

My 9 year old son is not in-love with every girl, boy and teacher in his class, I’m fairly certain they are not all in-love with him either. I don’t usually like to speak for others, but your children are not in-love with every child in their class either. So WHY do we spend so much time, effort and money putting together Valentine’s for other people’s children?

My husband really likes his boss, but he’s not in-love with him, and I hope for your sake your sweetheart is not in love with their boss either — unless, of course, you are their boss. So WHY is there a late meeting keeping the staff together longer than they normally would be on Valentine’s Day? (and totally throwing off my V-day evening schedule)

We really like our son’s soccer coaches and the team and families, but I gotta say spending the evening with them would not be anyone’s first choice for a romantic time. So WHY are there so many soccer tournament games at night on Valentine’s Day?

We love our teenaged daughter, and would do just about anything for her. Helping her with math homework at 10 pm doesn’t usually get a second thought. But on a night meant for romance, having our oldest up late and doing 7th grade homework just doesn’t seem like a good fit. So WHY do teachers give so much homework, keeping the kids up late on Valentine’s Day?

I prepared my husband’s favorite foods for dinner (it was cold by the time he got home an hour late and he hadn’t had time to eat all day so he gobbled it down standing over the stove in between shuttling our kids around to their other various Tuesday evening activities). I wore a cute top in the color he likes to see me wear (with jeans, since I spent a good part of the evening on the soccer field with our toddler at my side). We settled in to watch a movie together in the living room while our 13 year old did homework in her room. My husband wanted to watch an action flick involving death. I probably should have given in to that one, but he acquiesced and we ended up watching Gillian on her 37th Birthday (hey, it involves death) So my hubby got to point out that while Gillian’s husband took 2 years before making the decision to move on after their 18 year relationship, he would probably only need 2 weeks to get over our 20+ years together ending in my visually stunning death — funny guy! Once our oldest went to bed after 10:30p, he did make it up to me. He gave me his FULL attention and listened with genuine interest, asking insightful questions about a spirituality topic which is very important to me — SUPER SEXY!

So despite the lack of societal support in nurturing loving relationships, which in turn feed the family unit, we managed to not only salvage, but really enjoy our Valentine’s evening together. It may have even felt more meaningful because there were so many obstacles in our way.

Hope you enjoyed yours as well. Feel free to share!

B- well,