The Power of Love!

12 Week Virtual Retreat starting SPRING 2017




The Power of Love Virtual Retreat with Leilla Blackwell is a rare, exclusive backstage pass to the secret world of true intimacy and love for couples and anyone serious about being coupled. Your life won’t be the same after this 90 Day renewal which will Revolutionize the way you view and do love in your life.


You can’t turn off darkness; just be the light. This has been my personal philosophy even before I knew what a personal philosophy was.

I was born in New York, the first of two girls born to two people in a volatile marriage filled with abuse, chaos, secrets and lies. True to the dichotomy of life, I also grew up with an abundance of love, devotion, loyalty and good intentions.

The darkness of life with my family meant I was molded to shine a brighter light, to make life ok to live for all of us. In order to inspire the expression of love that I personally needed to thrive, I had to be accepting and non-judgmental of the people in my life who were my primary source of love. But in order to be able to accept their darkness, I had to learn to see their light.

So from the time before I even formed memory I was shaped to be a person who can find and identify the source of the slightest glimmer of light in darkness and if I couldn’t find the light, I became the light.

I also developed an awareness that everything people do, they do for a reason that serves some perceived good, you may not know the reason, they may not even be aware of the reason; and even when the reason is unacceptable, there is always some good that in their eyes can come of it. I now know that if you can identify that reason, it can lead to tremendous shifts in how a person achieves their desired result.

I went on to fall in love with my husband when I was in high school. All the odds were stacked against us for sure. I had a tumultuous childhood and so did he; we could have come into our relationship with tons of justified baggage. But we both had our fill of drama throughout childhood and were silently inspired to live in appreciation and love.

We both have always had a deep knowing and connection with spirit and instinctively turn to this when we are challenged. So through most of our life together, when we are faced with challenges (of which there have been many), we use them to draw us closer to each other instead of letting them come between us and pull us apart.

We have been together for over 25 years, married 20. We have three children – two teens and first grader, plus an old dog and a young cat. Life continues to offer us the challenges we need, to grow as we triumph over them as individuals and together.

We experience many of the typical challenges that people who are married with children encounter, including life stage transitions like pregnancy, children, unemployment, failed business, financial struggles, reversed polarity (also known as loss of chemistry) as well as personal crisis, apathy, frustration, depression and the list goes on.

We have learned to deal with them in atypical ways. Today we are even more passionate in our life together and more deeply committed to our love than we have ever been (Blech… I know!).

We see our relationship as an adventure, one with trials and triumphs, dragons, princesses, wizards, goddesses, warriors and lots of magic.

I am your guide on this journey. I can show you the way because I am familiar with the terrain, have travelled it over and over again and have guided others on their successful journey.

You wouldn’t trek through the Himalayas or go on an African safari without a guide, especially if you haven’t successfully navigated the terrain before. I provide you with the right gear and stick by your side to safely guide you to your desired destination.  I have been on the wrong side of the chasm and found my way across, whole and filled with the Power of Love.




Change your experience of love for life

Don’t let your life-time commitment to love become a life sentence. Join us for 8 sessions during this Virtual Retreat. Steer your love life in the direction of intimacy and fulfillment. Whether single or coupled, attending with your intimate partner or not, you will be forever changed for the better by participating in this 90 Day Virtual Retreat into love, moving you toward the experience of The Power of Love.


Extraordinary Curriculum:

The Power of Love Virtual Retreat has an extraordinary curriculum that is unmatched by any other program on relationships. Focused on the practice of love and intimacy within the context of a long term relationship, you gain the tools and wisdom to add the magic of the Power of Love to your love life – with instructional presentations, weekly assignments, practice and tool sheets. The true beauty is that this power packed course can be done from anywhere in the world.

If you…

♥         Feel frustrated by intimate relationships

♥         Have trust issues

♥         Have ever cheated

♥         Have ever been cheated on

♥         Don’t understand men

♥         Don’t understand women

♥         Feel misunderstood or unappreciated in your love life

♥         Have you “lost yourself” by trying to be something you are not in the name of love

♥         Aren’t having enough sex

♥         Aren’t having enough good quality sex

♥         Have lost your drive for sex

♥         Have lost your drive for sex with your significant other

♥         Are drained, exhausted, confused by your experience of love

♥         Have ever struggled with maintaining the passion in your intimate relationship

♥         Crave balance and fulfillment

♥         Want a powerful, soulful lasting union with the one you are with, or the one you have yet to find

…the Power of Love Virtual Retreat is what you have been dreaming of.


Eight 60-90 minute web-based presentations over 12 weeks.


assess2Power Play Action & Tool Sheets: homework worksheets for assignments after each of the eight sessions & summary of the week’s content and assessment tools.



$497 for The Power of Love Virtual Retreat – 8 sessions.
A recording of each session will be available.

Payable in 3 monthly installments of $185 each installment 
One PAYMENT IN FULL for $497: a savings of almost $60

This price includes everything listed above, plus:Bonus Burst Badge Orange

50 Leilla Love Bucks for use toward the full price of future coaching with Leilla.



Questions about the retreat or payment options? eMail to get started.

So excited to see you embark on this adventure!