Divine Male Dominance?

dominant man

In my last article, I briefly addressed the drive to conquer that masculine men often feel. I have received quite a bit of interest in this perspective; most coming from a place of being intrigued to … [Read more...]

Divine Patience for Misogeny – The Velvet Hammer


I enjoy being challenged about my relationship perspectives because being questioned always puts me in a position to solidify my own understanding and new ways I can express it to a variety of people … [Read more...]

The Body is Divine Temple

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Change your physiology, change your life. Smile, dance, sing. Not so long ago, people in our society had movement as a part of life. Men in the fields were swinging a scythe and stretching and … [Read more...]

Divinely Merciful

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As we are nearing the end of Holy Week, I would like to spark mercy in you. Today is Holy Thursday, the beginning of the Triduum leading up to the Resurrection of Jesus. But we take these next few … [Read more...]