The Heart of Valentine’s Day

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While the history of St. Valentine himself remains a mystery, we can all agree that St. Valentine’s Day is all about love and romance for couples. Every year for Valentine’s Day there are people who … [Read more...]

Divine Patience for Misogeny – The Velvet Hammer


I enjoy being challenged about my relationship perspectives because being questioned always puts me in a position to solidify my own understanding and new ways I can express it to a variety of people … [Read more...]

The Body is Divine Temple

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Change your physiology, change your life. Smile, dance, sing. Not so long ago, people in our society had movement as a part of life. Men in the fields were swinging a scythe and stretching and … [Read more...]

Divine Valentine, the Aftermath

Who dunnit?

A friend posted a picture on Facebook of Cupid face down on the floor with one of his own arrows in his back. Who did this? We all did! What is THE most important relationship in the (physical) … [Read more...]