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The Pleasure Map is a collection of Revolutionary blog articles geared toward exploring how to make life and love more intimate, passionate, loving, adventurous and pleasurable. Join the revolution and embrace the adventure that awaits.

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The Pleasure Map will inspire you to take bold, decisive action in your love life. As a woman who has been married since 1995 to her high school sweetheart (we have been together over 20 years, but I refuse to qualify until you get to know me better), I am in a phase of my relationship with the world that gives me a more mature perspective. True to the dichotomy of life, this also gives me the gift of being less worldly with a more pure perspective on relationships (especially intimate relationships). My husband and I have 3 children – a teen, a tween and a toddler, in addition to our furry children, our 9 year old dog and 20 year old cat. My life, as it is now created, is filled with light, love and laughter… Punctuated by tears, tantrums and holy terror (and that’s not always the kids) ;-)

Through it all we have managed to continue to grow closer and more passionate about our marriage and life together. We are proof that it doesn’t have to be work to make it work. We view life together as an adventure, falling rocks and all. We rise to the challenge every day because we know that a lifetime together does not have to feel like a life sentence; it CAN be a fun and exciting adventure. So don’t be a stranger, pop in every now and again and read, share and comment on my articles about my revelations on this journey toward the MASTERY OF LOVE AND INTIMACY — the ultimate treasure.

Imagine you could find your pleasure in making the one you love feel like the most rare and precious gem at the end of the day. Then you could spend your “other 8 hours,” discovering and rediscovering how each facet of that person shines as you polish and make them sparkle with your love and attention. It’s like an experiment where they are the subject and you’re the catalyst, what effect can you have on them when you do x, y, z…? It has everything to do with you and the pure boost you get from having an effect on someone else. It’s not so much a job or work as it is a game of discovery where everyone wins.

As I share my journey with you along the path of The Pleasure Map, I hope you will share yours with me. Start with my article and reflect on some moment in your life past or present that relates in some way… Or your perspective on a relevant current event or someone else’s story that has meaning for you.





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