Divinely Human

photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

What if…?

… There are no good or bad things or people

… Good things are simply opportunities to celebrate, re-joy-ce and experience gratitude and awe

… Bad things are simply a call for the rest of us to step up and step in, and GROW

… Bad people need saving from themselves as much as their victims need saving

Wouldn’t that mean there would be no need for jealousy or hate?

We could experience joy and gratitude even when something good is happening to or for someone else just like it was actually happening to us. Instead of waiting around for something amazing to happen in our own life while wondering why everyone else is so lucky, we could feel the wonder and awe at the occurrence of a blessing in our world. Wouldn’t that make the blessings yours (and in turn everyone’s) as well?

Instead of feeling hate and resentment toward the “bad” people that cause suffering. Perhaps we should ask ourselves, “How did we let that happen? How did we allow that to get so far?” If we saw bad people as needing protection from themselves, maybe their victims would in turn have been protected from them too. And instead of being motivated by hate to punish, we might be motivated by love for the greater good of everyone, to stop them.

Good people have the potential to do bad things and bad people have the potential to do good things; so what’s the difference? How that potential is realized. Bad people have had their nature corrupted, because neither Divine Nature nor human nature are inherently evil. While anger has its place as an emotion in response to evil, hate does not. Choose love… It’s a much more responsible and productive way to approach discipline in every situation.

Like a computer hard drive, if someone’s nature is corrupt, you can not expect them to function optimally. Just like you wouldn’t entrust your most precious pictures and data to a computer with a corrupt hard drive, you should not entrust anything precious to someone with a corrupt nature. And you do not need to have hate in your heart to put protections in place. Choose love…

B- well,