Be Divine LOVE

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Have you ever wondered what your purpose in life might be? What value do you bring into the world? What value do you bring into your personal relationships? Do you contribute or diminish? Do you protect yourself by guarding your heart, or do you offer love freely and openly? What if it is your purpose to love? What if love is the gift that we all have to offer? What if love is our purpose? Do you have your own unique way of expressing this gift of love? How can you maximize the impact of the gifts you have to offer?

Love is THE GIFT. We are called to BE LOVE, to love everyone. But so many people close themselves off and stop short of being full open love in life and in intimate relationships. We close ourselves off to our intimate partner, maintaining that we must keep a part of our self just for us. This is exactly the part we must give, this is the part that is pure love, this last bit is what brings the fullest life out of us. Our intimate partner is there for us as a safe, yet dangerously close opportunity to practice the expression of our fullest and deepest self in completely open love; allowing us to be better prepared to offer that love to the world – children, family, friends, work colleagues – everyone. We have this intimate resource available to us that allows us to perfect love so we can feel free to share that love with the world as our true nature, in who we are BEING, not just a feeling or what we are doing. It is only by BEING LOVE that we can fully be ourselves.

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