Happy Thanksgiving

A Few Unconventional Things I Am Grateful for…

I am truly blessed and grateful for my family, health, work, home, electricity and a myriad of other things that are predictable albeit important. I thought I’d have a bit of fun exploring a few of the more obscure things I am grateful for (in random order).

-Clouds – not only do they provide unpredictable relief from the intense sun here in SoFL, but their shapes are an easy distraction for all three of my children that can provide me with a few moments of peace in the middle of a hectic day.
-The air-filled plastic puffs that protect the purchases shipped to me, instead of those awful foam packing peanuts.
-Shoes – so many don’t have them, yet I get to benefit from having many of them and enjoying their function and form. Check out TOMS which provides for so many across the globe http://youtu.be/owTiwnNly_4
-Music – it’s the one thing I can consistently count on to change my state, in a heartbeat.
-Jewelry – no matter my mood or what I choose to wear – a piece of jewelry can help me feel sassy, sexy, edgy or simply elegant.
-The vase (I say it like a breath, vaahhhze, and I don’t care if you think it’s wrong) of fresh cut flowers in my living area – they brighten my every week and make me feel special and cherished every time I look at them because my husband brings them home, cleans and arranges them so I can have a bright spot meant for me from him at home where I spend my days and nights.
-Portable e-readers or tablets like the Kindle, Nook or iPad – I am so grateful to have access to a library filled with my favorite books at the touch of a button, wherever I am.
-Tea – for me, drinking tea is a total sensual experience because it involves all the senses and I am grateful for my meditative moments with a cup of hot tea.
-Cool, clean water – again because so many go without across the globe and I feel grateful to my core that I am privileged to enjoy it in so many forms – drink, shower, bath, swimming pool, as well as beautiful canal, lake and beach views.
-Politicians (don’t roll your eyes at me, that’s right, I said politicians) – who fight in a public arena, sacrificing their right to privacy, time with their families, face being lied about, misunderstood and scandalized on a global level in order to fight for the temporary privilege to serve me by protecting me, my family and our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – because just like with sanitation workers, someone has to do it.
-Womanhood – I am grateful to be a woman for so many reasons on so many levels – for me femininity is a responsibility and an indulgence all at the same time.
-A king sized bed – so all five of us can fit in it on Saturday mornings for an occasional late snooze.
-Arm pits and cheesy toes – because with a 3 year old, 10 year old and 13 year old in the house, arm pits and cheesy toes are the source of endless jokes, laughter, joy and giggles – besides they replaced the “poop” talk which I was not too fond of.
-Soap – because with a husband, 3 children, a dog and a cat (as well as a houseful of those arm pits and cheesy toes), Heaven knows it’s the one thing I use more than anything else every day.
-YOU – I am grateful for you and all the radiant, bright lights in my life who feed my soul with positive loving energy, and honor me by opening your world to me.