Divine Valentine

photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

It’s Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air.

Most of us want to do something special for someone in our life. How do we determine what that something special should be? A poem to re-affirm our love for them (propose on Valentine’s Day), a surprise trip to shake up their week, maybe it’s that designer watch or handbag that will get a lot of attention from their friends, or, a romantic evening-in with their favorite take-out, bottle of wine and massage? Which of these would your mate prefer, which would you prefer?

Any of these things would make just about anyone happy because we all share the same human needs – the need to feel certainty, variety, significance, and love or personal connection in our lives. But we all prioritize and meet these needs in different ways. Does the method you choose to show your love meet the top needs of the person closest to you in your life? Or do you give to them based on what you value? The best way to please someone is to take note of what their top needs are and how they meet them, then do something for them that satisfies that natural human need.

Does your wife have a need for greater security or certainty in her life? Give her something reminiscent of your early years together or when you first met. Take her somewhere familiar to her that will remind her of your best times together as a couple.

Does the love of your life thrive on variety? Surprise them by leaving work early to take them to an amusement park or local fair. Take them out to the newest HOT night club or restaurant in town.

Does your husband have a need to feel more significant in your relationship? Do things his way today… make HIS favorite meal for dinner, or wear the outfit he likes to see you wear and meet him at his office for lunch.

Is feeling loved or connected what your partner craves most in life? Make the evening just about the two of you by finding a quiet and romantic spot where you can gaze into each others eyes and really listen to what’s most important to them. Pay attention to the unconscious little clues they leave ahead of time and let them know you are connected to them by giving them a gift related to something they have said before, such as a book by a favorite author, or a pendant or charm related to something important to them in their life.

Valentine’s Day is a call to celebrate romantic love and the person you love most. Use the day to create a Divining Moment for them… and fan that spark into a flame that will keep you both warmed to each other every day.

B- well,