The Body is Divine Temple

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Change your physiology, change your life. Smile, dance, sing.

Not so long ago, people in our society had movement as a part of life. Men in the fields were swinging a scythe and stretching and bending their bodies; hard, grueling work for sure, but using their bodies this way did something on the inside hormonally, emotionally. Whether or not they enjoyed their work, the focus and repetitive, full body nature of what they did all day gave them a benefit most of us don’t get to enjoy today as a necessary part of life. If they did not revel in their work, they still got the direct physical benefit from movement and hormones, and then they could experience a release and enjoyment at the end of their work day because of the obvious contrast between the physically demanding work and their leisure time. If they had a wife at home, greeting them with love and softness — greater the contrast… Sharper the feeling of appreciation… More intense the enjoyment of life.

Similar for the responsibilities and actions of women… Kneading dough, churning butter, sweeping, cooking with heavy cast iron pots, constant close physical connection with young children (no strollers, high chairs, tv), walking, working outside in the garden, or fields as well. These things were naturally meditative as they require a greater level of presence and absorption.

Men used to whistle and women used to hum. Their work was more physically demanding leaving their minds free to simple enjoyments, like music, which didn’t take up so much space in their head that it took their attention away from their work. We have lost that.

Most people go to work and spend their day in front of a computer screen and talking. Then they come home and sit in front of a tv screen and if they have someone to come home to, maybe they talk a little more. There is minimal movement and minimal contrast, making it more difficult to experience a natural appreciation for work or home and leaving us deficient in the rapid fire hormones that occur with a more physically intense lifestyle. Hmmm… Wonder why we feel the need to manufacture so much mental drama in our lives… Contrast, excitement.

Feeling stuck, depressed, frustrated…? Move it!