The Heart of Valentine’s Day

Romance on the beach2While the history of St. Valentine himself remains a mystery, we can all agree that St. Valentine’s Day is all about love and romance for couples. Every year for Valentine’s Day there are people who choose to take a luxury trip, buy long stemmed red roses and fine chocolates, wait for poor service at a popular restaurant, and a host of other grand gestures intended to impress. Let’s get back to the heart of Valentine’s Day. Why not use this time to touch the heart of each other? Instead of – or maybe in addition to – the grand gestures that will impress your loved one and their friends, choose to romance them from your heart to their heart.

> What can you do for the woman in your life that will open her heart so that the love you offer today (and everyday) can be felt and received by her? 
> How can you show her that you see her and understand her needs, wants and desires? 
> In what way can you penetrate her walls and break through her unconscious barriers, knocking her off balance and sweeping her off her feet? 
> How can you help her feel special, taken care of and cherished?

The most meaningful gift you have to offer the woman that you love is the gift of your presence and attention. It’s quite nice to wrap it in a sparkly package, like diamonds, pleasure trips, and fine dining, just be sure that the package enhances the ultimate gift of your love, instead of distracting from it.

  • Jewelry – try a locket with a baby picture of each of you inside, sending the message that you were made for each other, or a charm reflective of “your song.” 
  • Taking a trip – try the setting of her favorite love story.
  • Fine dining – Feed her feminine spirit and whet her sensual appetite, while you nourish her body and quench her thirst. In addition to opening doors and pushing in her chair you can slow down and be more deliberate with your movements, lower your voice in tone and volume, give attention to her comfort, anticipate her needs by opening her napkin for her or ordering a glass of water along with her wine, have fun trying a new and exciting taste or culinary experience.
  • Whatever you decide, light her up from the inside; pierce her heart by letting her know that you see through to her soul.

> How can you reward the man in your life for his devotion to you? 
> What can you do to show him that he is heard and his presence felt by you in your life? 
> In what way can you encourage his full presence?

  • Help him feel alive and vital; call his heart to you by sharing the beauty in yours.
  • Use Valentine’s Day to open yourself to allow, receive and show appreciation for the truest gifts of the man you love.
  • Maximize the masculine energy that he sends out by going deeper into your feminine, receptive nature.
  • Offer your feminine energy to him by being playful or showing him the depth of emotion that only he can inspire in you.
  • Be the source of his pleasure by engaging his senses in new or favored experiences.
  • If you choose to give him a tangible gift item, know that what is going to be most meaningful to him is something that illustrates your recognition of his contributions.

Why are watches such a popular gift for a man? Because it implies that his time is valuable and by extension the time and attention he gives you is valuable to you. The most meaningful thing you could present to him is your open heart and appreciation for him and his place in your life. Smile and laugh, be open and radiant, let your light shine and light up his world.

Valentine’s Day is not a day for grand gestures; it is a day for deep meaning, connection and true, selfless loving. What would be the most meaningful thing for you on Valentine’s Day? What could bring you the experience of true love in one day? How would you prefer to be romanced?

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  • Jill Koenig

    My “Love Language” is quality time, so anything we do that allows us to focus on each other without distraction is going to be fulfilling and amazing. I much prefer a home cooked meal over a busy restaurant. Thanks, Leilla!